In this I start to experiment more with ink washes. Just got some nice new brushes and wanted to take ’em for a test drive.

Also, adding to the religious discussion: I never grew up with any real set in type of faith, so I looked at everything from an outsider’s stance. I’d see televangelists and new age junk, and even as a kid I’d be like “What a load of shit!” (I was very cynical for my age. I don’t know why either.)

It was my parents’ choice to not baptize me, and for that I thank them immensely. I’ve been in churches before, and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to be “saved”, but I kind of pride myself on the fact that I have not been greenlighted by any “official” in a pointy hat that probably cost more than one’s house. It makes me feel…special? Rebellious? I dunno. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any special tickets to Heaven or anything like that. Just be awesome and don’t be a dick. That is the true and universal way.

And now, a YouTube to cleanse the palate: