Hidden among the page somewhere is a reference from a funny thing. Find it and you win a prize. The prize? Comfort in knowing that you have a keen eye, or are just really really bored. Pat yourself on the back.

I woke up with this song in my head today, and now it’s stuck in yours. Prego.

Music I Like Right Now:


Scissor Sisters – Nightwork
Kelis – Fleshtone
MIA – ///Y/
The Psychic Stewardess – Spiritual Foundation

Iamamiwhoami – T
Pupo – Chissa Se Domani
Nicki Minaj – Saxon

oh, and whatever the hell this is too. Don’t watch it at work or where there’s kids around. Or senile old people for that matter. In fact, the best time to watch these is at 3AM with all the lights off, LSD optional.