I only went to New York Comic Con the first day. The PROS & PRESS ONLY day!! (also 4 day pass people but semantics) Silly me thought it would be less of a mob scene, but I learned pretty quickly once we ended up on the ass end of the line for the show floor. Just like in “A Christmas Story”, it practically went from the Javits Center to Terre Haute.

It was a nice break from the humdrum, although I wish they’d opened the show floor earlier. I don’t know why they have to wait til the late afternoon and only have it open for 3 hours, but that’s me. I cannot properly schmooze and schlep within that time period. I don’t like being rushed!

But anyways, I enjoyed myself. My sister and I got to meet the infamous Sucklord from Bravo’s latest season of “Work Of Art”. Totally was not expecting him to be there. And what made it even more surreal was that we’d just watched the episode the night before. Super chill guy, very down to earth. Really dig his style big time.

Homeboy’s even got his own special chair.  Solid.

I also ran into a myriad of cosplayers, some fantastic, some not so much. But the one person I was especially curious about was the first guy within eyesight as I walked in the building that afternoon: Mr. Stonewall Bear 2011. By the time we were about to leave, which was around 7, he was STILL OUT THERE by the entrance, just hangin’ out. I had to go talk to the dude. You can’t pass up awesome like that.

Mr. Stonewall Bear 2011, servin’ Zangief realness.


Shills and Thrills!