For the web version of PA lately, I’ve been slowly incorporating bits of color along with b/w/grayscale. Figued it’d be a nice punch to go with the actual (future?) punches being thrown in a page.

Now if anybody’s seen/heard my interview from July, I’ve been trying to make extra sure to distinguish Kasumi from Psylocke. Because…yanno…Japanese woman…psychic ability…don’t wanna pull a Gaga and rip off anybody.

So Greg wrote in her creating a forcefield to shield all them bullets Donna Rouge is dishin’ out. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to play more with color and give Kasumi another standout quality to herself.

I chose those colors for a reason, and placed them strategically. I looked up color theory and meanings and according to most of them:

Yellow represents action.
Green represents stability.
Blue represents protection.

Plus, I just like rainbows. :3

HEYYYYYYY by the way, if you’re ever interested in “behind the scenes” junk, rough sketches, raw scans, or miscellaneous works of mine, have a look and maybe follow my my art blog on Tumblr. I swear, there will be no gifsets or photosets of Hannibal. I don’t even watch that show.

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