Philip R Wood of Allen-Overy is rightly hailed as the oldest of the capital market lawyers for his groundbreaking six-volume Law and Practice of International Finance (Sweet – Maxwell, 1995). In addition, on the library, I would not slip a volume of more than 180 pages, How to negotiate Eurocurrency credit contracts (Euromoney, 1995), a second edition of which will be published early next year. The author is known in these pages, Is Lee C Buchheit, dean of lawyers who handle the restructuring of sovereign debt, and a partner in Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen and Hamilton. “Great work that offers a map through a particularly difficult legal minefield” — PROF. WILLIAM W PARK, BOSTON UNIVERSITY”I know of no better introduction to international business transactions than this book that elegantly combines the experience of an experienced lawyer, broad historical sense and a wonderful joke and clarity in a short work. This introduces a new kind of legal writing: laughing while you learn. This is a book that my law school students will take to the firm. “-ANUPAM CHANDER, PROFESSOR ASSOCIÉ OF LAW, ARIZONA UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF LAW”Very well written, full of insight and humor. It`s easily at the top of my list of must-read books for corporate lawyers. — MITU GULATI, LAW PROFESSOR ACTING, UCLA SCHOOL OF LAW”The only criticism I have about this book is that it is not mandatory to read for any lawyer for financial services, and it should be! This book presents in a fun and fun way many invaluable knowledge about how to negotiate credit contracts, as well as the purpose of many standard provisions. This is one of the most informative legal texts I have ever read. — JOHN TEOLIS, PARTENAIRE, BLAKE CASSELS – GRAYDON, TORONTO”It`s a great book. It addresses the fundamental issues related to the negotiation of euro credit contracts to a measure that is decisive and very entertaining. It should be read by anyone interested in this subject. — PETER M.

MORTIMER, PARTNER AND CO-PRACTICE GROUP LEADER, GLOBAL CORPORATE FINANCE GROUP, MILBANK, TWEED, HADLEY – MCCLOY LLP, NEW YORK The book is distinguished by the way Buchheit captures the madness of the euro markets. It`s partly funnier than a Marx Brothers script. It is essentially a simple clause clause manual on a syndicated credit contract. . The book is aimed primarily at lawyers (and their bankers/borrowers) who are starting their careers in international financial law. It is essential for young lawyers and consists of clearly written and often humorous chapters that describe the purpose that is fulfilled by each of the standard clauses of a Eurocurrency credit contract, as well as an indication of the negotiating positions of the borrower and lender. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. It is the end of a millennium, the time to give. It coincides with my last column. I would like to congratulate another writer on financial law, whose book would give a practical gift to clients (especially in-house lawyers) and who highlights the evolution of the euro markets.