The French mandate was defined at the San Remo conference and covered the region between the Euphrates and the Syrian desert to the east and the Mediterranean to the west and stretched from the Nur Mountains in the north to Egypt in the south, covering an area of about 160,000 km2 with a population of about 3,000,000 km2. , including Lebanon and an enlarged Syria, which were later reassigned as part of a League of Nations mandate. The region was divided between the French into four governments: the government of Aleppo, from the Euphrates region to the Mediterranean; Greater Lebanon stretches from Tripoli to Palestine; Damascus, including Damascus, Hama, Hems and Hauran; and the land of the mountain of Arisarieh. Fayçal ibn Husayn, proclaimed king of Syria by a Syrian national congress in Damascus in March 1920, was removed from office by the French in July of the same year. The following year he became king of Iraq. However, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Iran`s regional rivals, have also established a comprehensive strategic partnership with China and are benefiting from massive Chinese investment. This balance was also highlighted after the development of the 25-year agreement, when the ninth Ministerial Conference of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum (CASCF) was successfully held on 6 July, during which China and the Arab States reaffirmed “mutual assistance in matters of core interests and key concerns”. Write down any agreement between you and your client. The agreement must also be signed and dated by both parties. While some oral agreements may be binding, the agreed terms are much more difficult to prove. China is undoubtedly serious in improving its already close relations with Iran, but these close relations are not and will not be a precondition for China`s bilateral relations with other regional actors such as Israel or Saudi Arabia. In light of the Chinese agreement with Israel on the operation of the port of Haifa, it is clear that China`s relations with Iran are not unique or unique in the region.

Moreover, with regard to the proposal for military intervention, China is not only fully aware that the proud national conscience of the Iranian people and the political culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran will not allow the deployment of a massive number of foreign troops to Iran, but it also does not want to send troops to Iran in order to avoid the potential risk in an armed conflict between Iran and its regional rival. This has given rise to controversies among other Kurdish nationalists by excluding the Van region (perhaps as a sop for Armenian claims to this region). Emin Ali Bedir Khan proposed an alternative map including a van and a seaward exit on the present-day Turkish province of Hatay. [20] In the midst of a joint declaration by the Kurdish and Armenian delegations, the Kurdish claims concerning Erzurum vilayet and Sassoun (Sason) were abandoned, but the arguments in favour of sovereignty over the city and the city remained. [21] Each year of the contract begins on October 1 and ends on September 30 of the following year. Similarly, China is not taking sides in the conflict between Iran and Israel and has launched a broad innovation partnership with Israel. China`s economic interest in Israel also emerged when the Chinese company Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) acquired the rights to operate the port of Haifa for 25 years from 2021. There was no general agreement among the Kurds on what the borders of Kurdistan should be, as the territories of the Kurdish colony and the political and administrative borders of the region are divided. [18] The contours of Kurdistan as a unit were proposed in 1919 by Erif Pasha, who represented the Society for the Reception of Kurdistan (Kondistan Teali Cemiyeti) at the Paris Peace Conference.