A Focus Bari poll in May 2015 showed that 70% of Greeks agreed to extend life partnerships to same-sex couples. The same poll won the majority for same-sex marriage, with 56% in and 35% against. [49] [50] According to the Greek Statistical Authority, the number of cohabitations per year is as follows:[39] In principle, the effects of marriage are annulled retroactively. This applies to all personal, family and property relationships between the spouses. Thus, the nullity of marriage deprives spouses of the right to inherit each other from an intestinal anesthesia and does so from the beginning. In addition, all transactions between the spouses and third parties that have been concluded as a couple are cancelled, either on the basis of the needs of their common life as a man and wife, or for the purpose of managing the property of the other spouses, subject however to the good faith of third parties relating to the couple. The rules governing personal property and property acquired by one of the spouses during the marriage also apply in the event of nullity. If, at the time of marriage, the spouses or one of them did not know of nullity, nullity only acts for them for the future; a spouse who was not aware of the nullity at the time of the marriage is entitled to spousal support if the other spouse was aware of the nullity at the outset and the other spouses who would succeed him if the other spouse were to die after the nullity of the marriage, subject to the same rules as the divorce, which apply by analogy. The same right to support also benefits a spouse who, through threats, against the law or against recognized morality, argues at the marriage if the marriage is annulled or ends with the death of the other spouse. The right to support ends when the recipient remarries or lives in a free relationship with another person. The guarantee must be paid in cash each month, unless another agreement is reached. (b) a certificate of the nature of Article 33 of the Regulation, in which the court that issued the judgment and the details of the marriage between the parties to the action pending before it, indicates whether the judgment was rendered late or with both parties present, whether the judgment is a means of judgment, whether legal aid has been granted, etc. and Jeremy D.

Morley has addressed many issues relating to international family law concerning Greece, including the abduction of children from Greece and Greece, marital agreements with a Greek person and divorce issues between spouses living or having previously lived in Greece. We always work with consultants in Greece, as needed. On June 10, 2019, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that if his Syriza party repaid the july 7, 2019 parliamentary elections, same-sex marriage would be legalized. However, his party was not re-elected. [47] [48] Yes. The losing party may appeal to the court of appeal against a judgment on divorce or annulment of a non-financial or non-financial marriage or recognition of the absence of marriage within thirty days of the termination, if he has his residence or habitual residence in Greece, or within sixty days if he has his or her usual residence abroad or if his usual residence abroad or if his usual residence is not known; and if the judgment has not been served within three years of its publication. When the beneficiary of the appeal has died, the appeal period begins on the date on which the judgment is served on its rights holders or its universal organizers. Law 3719/2008 (“Family, Children and Society Reforms”), which came into force on November 26, 2008, established a form of partnership known as “cohabitation agreements” accessible only to same-sex couples.