Under the standard contingency fee agreement, the lawyer`s share goes directly to the lawyer and never comes into the client`s possession. “Nor is it for us to determine whether the lawyer or prosecutor was aware of the fee agreement.” Also known as “No Win No Fee” agreements, similar to U.S. contingency fees. n. fees paid to a lawyer that are due and payable only if the legal work has been successfully completed, as a general rule, a legal action in favour of the client has been won or settled (including in cases of negligence) or cash out the funds due with or without bringing legal action. In many states, such agreements must be signed in writing by the lawyer and the client. The royalty is usually a percentage of the recovery (money earned), but can be partly a royalty for the time provided and partly a percentage. In Note d to Section 35, “in the absence of prior agreement to the contrary, the amount of the customer`s recovery shall be calculated, net of compensation, for example. B of a recovery by a counterparty on a counter-claim claim”. To date, Section 35 has only been passed in Texas. Such an agreement is generally used when the party seeking recovery cannot afford to hire a lawyer and therefore does not have effective means of pursuing a claim. On February 2, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered the denunciation of contracts with all the countries where the media published the cartoons.