This discount and an exemption from the application fee are available to all Brookdale graduates as well as Brookdale employees and their family members. This partnership makes bachelor`s degrees more affordable for members of the Brookdale community. The agreement sets out clear avenues for earning a bachelor`s degree and allows Brookdale graduates to apply up to 90 credits in total to their bachelor`s degree at SNHU, a private, non-profit, accredited university that offers more than 200 programs, many of which are fully available online. This new agreement makes transfer to SNHU an affordable and convenient way for students to pursue their higher education. According to the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges, which developed the agreement with SNHU, nearly 500 community students completed bachelor`s degrees in 2018-19, and SNHU awarded 166 Pennsylvania community college degrees. “We are proud to live with Southern New Hampshire University, one of the country`s leading companies in the field of online education,” said Dr. David Stout, president of Brookdale Community College. “This articulation agreement provides for a smooth transition to SNHU for our nursing and business management teachers, who can apply for up to 90 Brookdale credits to earn their bachelor`s degrees,” he said. Western Governors University, another large non-profit online institution, also has a strategy of partnering with community colleges at the state level. WGU has satellite branches in eight Länder. .