If any aspect, article or provision of this Readmission Agreement is held to be void, all other parts of this Agreement shall continue to be maintained and applied. Readmission agreements are valuable instruments in business succession planning for companies that are kept cramped. This type of agreement allows the owners of a business to set in advance the conditions for the purchase or transfer of ownership shares if one of the owners leaves the business. The agreement also notes that shareholders` shares are sold (or at least put up for sale) to other shareholders. This could also apply to the nearby company at a particular event. Such an event may take the form of a retirement, death or disability. Effective Date: [date] between a residence in [name of shareholder], (shareholder) [State of residence] resident, [address] and business/resident) having its registered office in [company name], (company) [State of organization or place of residence] [Company/Partnership/Only [Address], [City], [State] [Postal Code]. Summary Enter the total number of shares held by the shareholder. The shareholder currently holds [xxx] shares of the issued and pending share capital of the company (the shares). Enter the total number of shares that the company withdraws or buys from the shareholder. This may correspond, in whole or in part, to the total number of actions listed above….