A rental agreement, also known as a housing rental agreement, short-term rental agreement or insured short-term rental agreement, is a contract that defines the obligations and expectations of the relationship between a landlord and a tenant during the lease. The information on Form 6a (Short-Term Lease Debt Declaration Form) has been updated. If the farm worker condition set out in Schedule 3 of the Housing Act 1988 is met in respect of the immovable property to which the proposed secured lease refers and the lessor wishes that the lease to be a secured short-term rental agreement, the lessor must notify the lessee of this notice before the lease is entered into. Forms for landlords and/or tenants to propose measures related to rental agreements. This form should only be used by an insured tenant. The tenant should only use this note to inform his landlord that he wants his guaranteed lease to be replaced by a guaranteed short-term rental agreement. Tenants must be legally advised before completing this form. This form should be used by a lessor or tenant to whom Form 1 (notice under section 6(2) of the Housing Act 1988 has been served, the terms of a statutory periodic lease varying. In this way, both sides understand and agree on the terms, which can help avoid conflicts and differences of opinion in the future. This form should be used by tenants when their landlord has sent a notice proposing new rent as part of an insured periodic tenancy agreement, including a guaranteed short-term periodic tenancy agreement, or to return a notice proposing a new rent or royalty for an insured regular farm occupation. This form should be used by a tenant with an insured short-build contract that began before February 28, 1997 (or for which a contract was entered into) to apply to the local rent assessment committee for a reduction during the fixed term of the original lease.

A rental agreement aims to protect the interests of both parties while ensuring that the property is preserved and maintained.